The challenge

How might we improve the customer experience of Aiudo´s patients and caregivers?

About the company

Aiudo is a home healthcare service based in Spain that works as an intermediary, connecting patients with caregivers. The company gives personalised options of caregivers to any patient applying for one. Aiudo selects caregivers that can best serve the specific needs of their potential clients, while they take care of the time-consuming legal paperwork that is needed to be done. Meanwhile, caregivers go through an application test that allows the company to better understand them and profile them accordingly.

In summary, it’s a two-sided platform connecting caregivers with patients.

The process

We started the project by conducting initial qualitative research on the company and the ecosystem around it. We built an ecosystem map and had some initial one-on-one interviews, both virtually and in-person, with individuals using similar services globally. This helped us to better understand who the main players are in the decision process, what are the main concerns and needs of both the patients and the caregivers. What is more, we conducted desk research on the caregiver market, the company itself and its competitors. We explored innovative tools and technologies used by other companies and conducted usability tests to identify issues and solutions to improve the user interface of Aiudo’s website.

After our initial research, and a meeting with the company’s management, we redefined our initial challenge to:

How might we redefine the caregiver service to improve the customer experience for Aiudo´s patients and caregivers?

In addition, even if patients are the target of Aiudo, we have found out that the family of the patient, or the responsible individual of the elder, play a major role in the decision process of the caregivers. Thereby, we identified and defined pain-points on the customer journeys of all of the three main players – including the caregivers, the patients and the respected relative.

Main findings / insights


Caregivers feel part of the family they work in. 

“The family I work with is generous, they treat me as their daughter and have even created a WhatsApp group with me. We have a close relationship.”

They have advocacy for their work.

“I believe that patients should be treated with respect. If I was a store I could close when I’m tired, but in this case the patient is the most important for me” 

They need a job, but it is more than just money to them.

“She makes me feel uncomfortable and does not treat me with respect, I need to work but I will be quitting soon.”

Patients / families

The key family member feels responsible for the caregiver’s performance.

“The caregiver keeps my mom in company, we don’t want her to be alone.”

They want to ensure that they get most out of what they are paying.

“We need someone we can trust, who is clean and efficient.”

The elders can sometimes feel invaded and useless.

“At first I had a hard time getting used to the need for someone to take care of me, there was a lot of anger and frustration.”

The objective

We are looking to create innovative solutions that would help Aiudo offer an excellent customer experience to its clients. Aiudo is looking to grow by providing a superb customer experience to their clients; increasing retention and capturing new clients, whilst providing an innovative offering.

Final proposal

Our research revealed the importance of trust to both parties of the two-sided platform. This led my team and I to design our proposal, championing trust as the underlying theme of our solutions. In this way, Aiudo would empower the customers as well as be transparent and consistent with the company’s promises to their clients.

Long ideation sessions and follow-up meetings with the Aiudo’s management team allowed us to create six main solutions, each two serving one of the aforementioned players; the caregivers, the patients and the responsible family members. However, four of the solutions were the most effective and were presented in our final proposal. Moreover, we created a confidence board which shows the desirability, the impact and the easiness in implementing each of our solutions. In addition to that, a well-structured timeline illustrating how Aiudo could create, test and export into the market each of them.

My role

In this project I was the assistant UX researcher. I conducted one-on-one interviews and helped in building the customer journeys as well as the ecosystem map. I created two of the low-fidelity prototypes and tested them with potential users. In addition to that, I was one of the presenters of our final proposal to the management team of Aiudo.

Additional actions

While completing this project I had the opportunity to write a series of three articles that were published on the Red Innova blog site, which is the centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurs at IE University. The articles describe the whole process, from the start to the beginning of the project, along with insights into the different phases of innovation and subsequent challenges we went through.

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