The challenge

How might we increase the retention rate of Hilti’s clients?

The process

The project started with thorough secondary and primary research. The secondary research included an analysis of the company itself, the market, the competitors and the technological trends. This allowed us to get a more holistic view of the construction and tools market. The primary research included one-to-one interviews with Hilti’s employees and customers, as well as other individuals working in the field. This was accompanied with observations conducted at stores of the company to understand more about the consumer behaviour and explore the in-store experience. We built two main personas that summarised the company’s clientele. We created their stakeholder maps and their customer journey, which helped us proceed with our research.

The aforementioned research allowed us to get adequate information and extract key insights that helped in finding the main challenge to base our following ideation and prototyping sessions.

Key insights

Insight 1

As a client, the uncertainty of future upcoming projects after a 3-month period makes it hard to see value in Hilti’s rental schemes.

Insight 2

While at work, unpredictable situations might arise. Due to tight deadlines and spontaneous decision making, as a worker the most convenient store is chosen to solve the problem.

Our ideation sessions included several tools that allowed us to diverge and gather several ideas of high and low cost for the company – depending on the impact they would provide. We converged with the ideas and built two low fidelity prototypes that lead to the end of the project.

The objective

Our objective was to find solutions that would serve the needs of Hilti’s clients and would tackle any pain-points we identified along the customer journey. This would increase satisfaction of Hilti’s customers and would increase the retention rate.

Final proposal

Due to the innovative environment within the company and their luxury, high quality tools, we believed in creating solutions that would improve their customer experience and increase the retention rate.

The first solution included an online platform that would connect Hilti’s clients with upcoming projects in a form of a community. This would allow the company to keep their clients engaged and will be able to collect adequate data to better understand the market, as well as the clients themselves. The clients will be able to better forecast future projects and overall earnings – allowing them to invest more in Hilti’s superb products.

The second solution, named ‘Hilti to go’, included small shops/counters spread in the city that would mainly sell consumables and would be pick-up and drop-off stations for the Hilti’s clients – providing the convenience that Hilti’s clients demand.

My role

 This was the first project I worked on as lead user researcher. In this role I got to play a major part in the research conducted, including: observations, one-on-one interviews and desk research. Moreover, I set up the ideation session where we practiced several ideation tools, like brainwriting and storyboards, and facilitated a workshop where we converged towards our final solutions. 

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