Workshop Facilitation

Providing hand-crafted workshops to collaboratively progress towards the goals of your company.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing digital strategies that can allow your brand gain a competitive advantage in its market.

Design Sprints

A week-long transformation process that would innovate your brand.

Digital Transformation

Reinventing outdated processes and functions by easing the adaptation of digital technologies in your company.

Customer Experience Consulting

Consulting and designing customer experience strategy plans.

Customer Experience & Innovation Strategy

Field Research

Face-to-face Interviews

Creation of User Tests

Gathering and Organizing statistics

Customer Journey mapping

Creating Personas

Low & high Fidelity Prototypes

Usability Presentation + Speaking

Brainstorm Coordination

Design Sprints

Data analysis

Data Cleansing

Website building

Social Media

Marketing Research

Marketing Strategy

A/B testing

Workshop Facilitation


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