Customer experience is built up of all the points of interactions of a company with the customer throughout their relationship.

As a customer experience and innovation specialist, I go through a thorough primary and secondary research and through design thinking tools, I analyse the customer journey of your clients, identify pain-points and improvements that can take place, and create innovative solutions to enhance your customer experience.

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Most of the projects I work on are based on the double diamond design thinking process that allows designers to diverge and converge, looking at every project holistically.

Double diamond design thinking

It gives a great structure to projects allowing designers to set a well-defined timeframe. Principles that my team and I (and many other designers) always follow in such projects:

  1. People first – understanding the users.
  2. Communicating visually and inclusively – using design thinking tools, we visually portray pain-points, findings, insights and ideas.
  3. Co-creating – making sure at all times that what we are building targets your customers.
  4. Constantly iterating – Do this to spot errors early, avoid risk and build confidence in your ideas. 

I have worked on several projects, with diverse clients and numerous methodologies. Some of the customer experience and innovation projects include Hilti, Aiudo, Fjord, Triodos Bank. Others are not displayed here mainly due to confidentiality pre-agreed with the clients.

Human and non-human factors are taken into account at all times to create sustainable and seamless solutions – helping your organization innovatively transform user frustrations into pragmatic touch points.

Take a look at customer experience and innovation projects I worked on below.